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For a Wikipedia ‘book’ consisting mainly of articles prepared by the Singapore Management University Constitutional and Administrative Law Wikipedia Project, see Book:Constitutional and Administrative Law of Singapore.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is concerned with the organization of the state, and the inter-relationship between the government, civil society, and the individual. It covers topics such as the functions of the executive, legislature and judiciary; and human rights.

Introductory Works

Further Reading

  • Kevin Y[ew] L[ee] Tan; Thio Li-ann, Constitutional Law in Malaysia and Singapore (3rd ed) (Singapore: LexisNexis, 2010) (ISBN 978-981-236-795-2).
  • Kevin Tan, The Constitution of Singapore: A Contextual Analysis (Oxford; Portland, Or.: Hart Publishing, 2015) (ISBN 978-1-84946-396-6).
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  • Thio Li-ann, A Treatise on Singapore Constitutional Law (Singapore: Academy Publishing, 2012) (ISBN 978-981-07-1515-1).
  • Jaclyn L. Neo, Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore (Oxon: Routledge, 2017) (ISBN 978-1138477759).

Administrative Law

Administrative law is about the governance of public bodies exercising statutory or other powers or performing public duties.

Introductory Works

  • Kevin Tan, “Law and Administration” in An Introduction to Singapore’s Constitution (3rd ed) (Singapore: Talisman, 2014) (ISBN 978-981-07-6945-1), pages 132–146.

Further Reading

  • Damien J Cremean, Halsbury’s Laws of Singapore: Administrative Law: 2009 Reissue (Singapore: LexisNexis, 2009) (ISBN).
  • Thio Li-ann, “Law and the Administrative State” in Kevin Y[ew] L[ee] Tan, The Singapore Legal System (2nd ed) (Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1999) (ISBN 978-9971-69-212-4), pages 160–229.